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Thursday Morning Links


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MLB: Texas Rangers at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Are you a structural engineer or just obsessive about construction project updates? CBS has got you covered.

Joey Gallo is a really unusual hitter.

He has hit 100 home runs earlier in his career than any other hitter except Ryan Howard, and still has only 93 career singles.

Ronald Guzman will be rejoining the team today and Hunter Pence’s back is hurting from carrying this team.

Guzman’s return meant that Delino Deshields is going to Nashville, because who needs center fielders?

Jeff Wilson has his reactions to last night’s surprise win, which consists mostly of hearts doodled in the margin of the column with “Hunter Pence” written in them.

Chris Woodward says that optioning Delino Deshields was a tough choice, as the other option was firing him into the sun in yet another industry first for Space X.

Levi Weaver also penned a mash note to Hunter Pence.

And Jamey Newberg takes a look at how John King went from a college senior with not much in his bag to a top prospect.

The Hickory Record has a piece on how Pedro Gonzalez is taking the lemons of a disappointing 2018 and turning it into lemonade.