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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

What if Mike Minor wins the Cy Young award?

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Texas Rangers v Boston Red Sox Photo by Kathryn Riley /Getty Images

Good morning.

Jeff Wilson writes that the 4-3 11 inning win over the Red Sox last night might have been the best win of the season for the Rangers so far.

Evan Grant writes that the rally Rangers were able to overcome a whole bushel of bugaboos to come back and beat Boston.

Jessica Camerato recaps the victory for MLB dot com which saw the Rangers turn what looked like a potentially deflating loss into an unlikely win.

Matt Fisher writes that the Rangers still haven’t seen that expected dip below .500 that everyone seems to be anticipating and that means we’re in mid-June and Texas is still relevant.

Craig Edwards and Fangraphs has taken note that the Rangers are kind of a big ol’ baseball surprise so far in most any way you could imagine based on expectations.

Wilson offers reactions from Dominican natives Nomar Mazara and Ronald Guzman on the news that David Ortiz was shot in their homeland.

Grant writes that the Rangers seem to be aware that they have a Drew Smyly-sized hole in the rotation but they don’t really have the means to address it right now.

Mike Piellucci writes for The Athletic that Adrian Beltre is comfortable right where he is in retirement.

Jared Sandler’s SANDbox looks back at Beltre’s number retirement, the MLB draft, and a winning homestand for the Rangers.

Grant’s stock watch: Adrian Sampson ↑ | Logan Forsythe ↓ Buy Delino DeShields. Sell Drew Smyly.

And, lastly, Wilson notes that the entirety of the existence of St. Louis continues to make everything worse as the Blues and Bruins Stanley Cup Game 7 will force the Rangers into a day game against the Red Sox on Wednesday.

Have a nice day (except anyone from St. Louis)!