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Thoughts on a 9-5 Rangers win

Rangers 9, Red Sox 5

MLB: Texas Rangers at Boston Red Sox Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 9, Red Sox 5

  • How pissed off must Red Sox fans be right now, losing a game where Chris Sale gave up just one run, and then a game where they were beaten by Ariel Jurado?
  • Ariel Jurado and Adrian Sampson, incidentally, continue to be two pretty significant reasons why the Rangers have a winning record despite three-fifths of their Opening Day rotation being either on the 60 day injured list or terrible. I almost hesitate to talk about it lest it crumble to dust when light is shone on it, but...Jurado and Sampson have pitched pretty well. Sampson was non-tendered this offseason, I’d have been fine with them non-tendering Jurado, as well. If just one of them becomes even just a mediocre major league starting pitcher for a couple of seasons, that would be a coup.
  • Peter Fairbanks struck out the side, albeit while giving up a walk and a single. He has struck out 6 of 11 major league hitters he has faced, and continues to be one of the more remarkable stories for the Rangers this year, going back to April when a few people were saying this guy in A ball no one knew about was going to be pitching in Arlington this year, and much quicker than we think.
  • Hunter Pence had 3 walks and an inside-the-park home run and I don’t even know what to say about him anymore. He’s weird and weird things happen around him.
  • If I’m a Red Sox fan I’m also mad my team gave up an inside-the-park home run to Hunter Pence. That’s almost as bad as allowing Bengie Molina to hit for the cycle.
  • Chris Woodward got ejected by Angel Hernandez for arguing after not being allowed to challenge a call at second base, due to Hernandez saying he didn’t challenge it within the 30 seconds he was allowed. Evan Grant counted and said there were 11-13 seconds between the out call and Woodward coming out of the dugout. Hernandez said after the game stadium operations handles the 30 second clock. It is all quite mysterious.
  • The Rangers now have the Missouri Compromise record. And play an early game tomorrow due to game 7 of the Stanley Cup also being scheduled. And have guaranteed no worse than a split of this series against the most serious rival they have for the second Wild Card spot.