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Calhoun to start rehab, Smyly to bullpen

The Rangers have announced Willie Calhoun will start a rehab assignment on Thursday, and Drew Smyly is out of the rotation

Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers have announced that outfielder Willie Calhoun will start a rehab assignment on Thursday. Calhoun is currently on the injured list with a leg strain.

There doesn’t appear to be a clear path back to the major league roster right now for Calhoun, given that the bench currently includes Danny Santana, who is also the backup CF, and Logan Forsythe. Calhoun likely will end up being activated an optioned next week, barring someone getting hurt.

In addition, the Rangers have announced that Drew Smyly will not make his scheduled start on Friday, and instead is in the bullpen. Friday’s starter is TBD.

Smyly has been bad this year, and has been dealing with a sprained ankle, which could land him on the injured list. Joe Palumbo is currently slated to start for Frisco on Friday. Because he was optioned less than ten days ago, he can’t be recalled Friday unless he’s replacing someone who goes on the injured list.