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Texas Rangers sign 13 picks, including Slaten, Strahm

The Rangers announced that 13 of their 2019 draft picks have been signed

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers have signed 13 of their picks from the 2019 MLB Draft, including 3rd rounder Justin Slaten and 5th rounder Kellen Strahm, the team announced today. Per the beats, Slaten, a righthanded pitcher out of the University of New Mexico, signed for $575,000, roughly $125,000 under slot, and Strahm, a senior outfielder from San Jose State, signed for $205,000, roughly $175,000 under slot.

With the savings from these deals, the Rangers can go over slot for some of their other draft picks, with 7th rounder Brandon Sproat, in particular, expected to command above-slot money. Josh Jung, the 8th overall pick and the Rangers’ first pick, is still playing in the College World Series, and is not able to sign until that is completed. If he is signing a below-slot deal, I anticipate a number of other Rangers signings won’t be completed until his deal is done.

Also signing are:

8th rounder John Mathews

9th rounder Zak Kent

10th rounder Joe Corbett

13th rounder Ben Anderson

16th rounder Triston Polley

19th rounder Blaine Crim

24th rounder Luke Schiltz

27th rounder Mason Cole

28th rounder Jake Hoover

33rd rounder Spencer Mraz

35th rounder Leon Hunter