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Thoughts on a 10-4 Rangers loss

Indians 10, Rangers 4

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Indians 10, Rangers 4

  • Well, this is one run better than yesterday, at least.
  • Joe Palumbo got hit hard early, fell victim to the momentum-shifting two out, three run home run in the first (on a two strike pitch, no less), and just never could get it going. Which, you know, is understandable because he should probably still be in AA right now. Palumbo didn’t his command today and Cleveland made him pay.
  • The real issue, of course, is that the Rangers have been pressed into using Palumbo as a major league starter, despite vowing they weren’t going to rush their young starters. That plan sounded great until Edinson Volquez got hurt, and Drew Smyly was awful, and Shelby Miller was awful, and Yohander Mendez got hurt, and Jason Hammel retired, and Taylor Hearn got hurt. Even Brock Burke’s injury is a factor, as he was seen this spring as being the most polished of the four young upper level starting pitchers, and seemed to be the guy who would be first in line for a call up, before he developed blisters and then a shoulder issue.
  • Anyway, after two very abbreviated outings the past two days, one would think that Palumbo would be sent down tomorrow and a fresh arm brought up. One would also think the Rangers would opt to have the fifth starter spot skipped, given the Monday off day allows them to do that next time around.
  • Is there much to talk about other than Palumbo? Jesse Chavez went five effective innings. Shelby Miller allowed 2 runs in 2 innings, though they were unearned.
  • As far as the bats, Elvis Andrus, Asdrubal Cabrera and Shin-Soo Choo each had two hit days, with Cabrera homering. Willie Calhoun got a hit. Danny Santana came off the bench and had a pinch hit home run, because the baseball gods want to mock me for saying that I don’t think he’s actually good.
  • But overall, bleah. A game I want to forget about,