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Thursday Morning Links


MLB: Cleveland Indians at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Palumbo drew the short straw in the “who’s a better pitcher than Drew Smyly” contest, leaving Chris Woodward to say, “hey, Jesse Chavez, why not?”

Chris Woodward also used a lot of words to say not much at all about whether Rougned Odor and Ronald Guzman have their heads on the chopping block with Hunter Pence and Joey Gallo soon to return.

Jon Daniels was a little more oracular and less, well, all over the place in saying “there is a meaningful component of development of playing time coming from competition.”

Evan Grant wonders if it’s more valuable to have Jesse Chavez pitch five innings to start a game or pitch five innings of relief after whichever goldshirt with a gascan has used the first two innings to set the stadium on fire.

Chris Woodward also waxed poetic about making roster decisions, saying that the guy with the sterling stats may have bad character and so on and so forth. Drawing an example from Tuesday’s game, he pointed to Nomar Mazara’s ten pitch at bat while down 9 runs that led to a two-run Willie Calhoun homer. “Those are the kind of things that win ball games,” he says, except.. you know, not on Tuesday.

If all that makes 4 games over .500 seem a little salty, here’s some new renderings of our future ballpark’s hydrotherapy room! Can’t you just smell the sweat and Icy Hot?