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Nomar Mazara hits 505 foot home run

Nomar Mazara hit a gargantuan home run for the Rangers tonight that was measured at 505 feet, a Statcast-era record

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Nomar Mazara, Statcast home run distance record holder: Texas Rangers outfielder Nomar Mazara hit a home run today off of the Chicago White Sox’s Reynaldo Lopez that landed above the walkway in the upper deck in the Home Run Porch in right field, estimated by Statcast at 505 feet. That ties Trevor Story for the longest home run in the Statcast era.

Mazara turned on a 95 mph fastball up in the zone and crushed it, registering a 109.5 mph exit velocity with a 27 degree launch angle. The ball is also carrying especially well tonight, due to the wind screens in left field having been damaged due to the recent tornadoes, allowing the jet stream to blow especially strongly.

Video of the blast can be seen below: