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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

I don’t even remember the last time the Rangers didn’t play a baseball game

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MLB: Chicago White Sox at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Stefan Stevenson recaps the Rangers’ 7-4 finale win over the White Sox which saw the 21 games in 20 days stretch come to an end with a series victory.

Dave Session chimes in for MLB dot com about Adrian Sampson bouncing back for a win yesterday.

Kevin Sherrington writes that a Sampson rebound is key for Texas as they’ve been relying heavily on their top two starters to carry the load.

Stevenson writes that beat writer favorite Shawn Kelley came up big yesterday when it looked like the Rangers might blow a lead in the late innings.

Sherrington writes that Nomar Mazara was the star of the weekend with an improved approach starting to show results.

Buster Olney looks at teams on the edge of contending — and, yes, this includes the Rangers — and how they might handle the trade deadline.

Sessions has notes on the consistent production from Shin-Soo Choo, a potential impending return for Matt Bush, and more.

And, finally, Jamey Newberg finishes up his summer re-ranking of the Rangers’ farm system with the top ten and includes a massive ascension at No. 2.

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