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Hans Crouse pitching through bone spurs

Rangers pitching prospect Hans Crouse will have surgery after the season to remove bone spurs from his elbow

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Hans Crouse, one of the Texas Rangers top pitching prospects, returned to action yesterday after being shut down for almost a month with what has been revealed to have been bone spurs in his elbow. In the linked piece, Crouse says “[t]he plan is to get them removed when the season is over,” and he will limit his slider usage to 5-10 sliders a game for now, given that it exacerbates the pain the spurs cause in his elbow.

Crouse’s 3 inning start yesterday was, per the article, by design, and he was up to 96 mph on his fastball, which is good news after the layoff. Bone spurs in a pitcher’s elbow aren’t uncommon, and Amazin Avenue had a good write-up on the issue a couple of years ago when Steven Matz and Noah Syndergaard were both dealing with the issue.

Assuming all goes well for Crouse the rest of the way, he would presumably have surgery in September to remove the bone spurs, which would put him on track to be 100% when spring training starts in 2020.