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Thoughts on a 5-0 Rangers win

Rangers 5, Rays 0

MLB: Texas Rangers at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Rangers 5, Rays 0

  • This was a very weird game where a variety of weird things happened, and I don’t know that I even remember them all. The strangeness kind of scrambled my brain and caused some confusion.
  • Lance Lynn was pretty awesome, though. Final line of 8 IP, 3 hits, 1 walk, 10 Ks.
  • And it speaks to the work Lynn has been doing that we see that and are like, oh, ho hum, another good Lynn start. Lynn has the best fWAR of any pitcher in the American League, and while his 4.00 ERA doesn’t seem that impressive, he’s also among the league leaders in bWAR. In just a few months we have gone from grousing about why the Rangers gave him a third year to being thrilled that he’s under contract for 2021 at just $8 million.
  • Jose Leclerc pitched the ninth, walked one, struck out one, ended the game. Huzzah.
  • Texas only had 8 hits today, which is weird because it seemed like they were much better than that offensively. They did pick up 5 walks, though,
  • Three of the 8 hits were by Rougned Odor, who laced a double into right in the second to give Texas a 1-0 lead, singled, and hit a looper into left that Tommy Pham unsuccessfully dived for, which went for a triple, but only because Odor was thrown out trying to make it an inside-the-park home run. There were two outs and it was a close play, so it was the right decision to try to score.
  • Ronald Guzman had one of the hits, a double that scored Odor and Asdrubal Cabrera in the second.
  • Texas scores a run in the 3rd on a weird sequence where Elvis Andrus walked, then Nomar Mazara walked on a pitch that Elvis was going on, and then Elvis thought maybe he could go to third without anyone noticing because of the shift, and so he started to third, then stopped, but it was too late and he was out. While everyone was decrying that, Joey Gallo picked up an infield single, and then for some reason Tampa pitcher Yonny Chirinos threw to second to try to get Nomar on a back pick, but he threw the ball into centerfield and Nomar scored.
  • The final run was in the 9th, and started with the Odor single, which was followed by Odor being lifted for Danny Santana because of some leg issue. Santana ended up getting to third, and then scoring on a Choo infield single.
  • So Texas is tied for WC1 now and is 10 games over .500. Strange times, man.