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2019 MLB Draft: Texas Rangers picks for rounds six through ten

You know it wouldn’t be the MLB draft without this Pudge photo

2014 MLB Draft Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

2019 MLB Draft: As we reach the sixth round I’ll be updating this post with picks selected throughout the second day of the draft through the tenth round.

-With their sixth round pick, #175 overall, the Texas Rangers selected Baylor LHP Cody Bradford:

Texas ties? ✓

College player ✓

Recovering from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome ✓

Boy you’ve got yourself a bonafide 2019 Texas Rangers draftee!

The 6’ 3, 195 lbs junior left-hander Bradford was 165th on MLB Pipeline’s top draft prospects list and ranks as Fangraph’s 34th best college arm outside of their top 100 overall. When his ribs weren’t compressing his blood vessels, he was putting together a 2.51 ERA for Baylor in 2018 as a sophomore with 87 Ks in 96 23 innings. He was named Big 12 Pitcher of the Year for his efforts. In 2019, however, he pitched just 7 23 innings before TOS sidelined him in March.

-With their seventh round pick, #205 overall, the Texas Rangers selected Pace HS (FL) RHP Brandon Sproat:

Whoa! A high school pitcher! Those exist?

Sproat is a 6’ 2, 175 lbs right-hander prep pitcher out of Florida who is ranked 124th overall on Fangraph’s big board (or, two slots below the Rangers’ third round pick Ryan Garcia). Sproat is a Florida commit so he could be the kind of player the Rangers were saving for as an overslot guy with some of their earlier college selections.

-With their eighth round pick, #235 overall, the Texas Rangers selected Kent State RHP John Matthews:

The philosophy-adjusted Rangers couldn’t stray away from the college scene for too long, I suppose. Matthews joins the farm as a 6’ 1, 190lbs right-handed junior. Starting nearly exclusively for the first time in his college career this season, Matthews allowed 47 runs in his 77 23 innings of work but what stands out from his statline is the 91 Ks to 25 walks.

Matthews didn’t make the MLB Pipeline list but he is ranked as Fangraphs’ 88th best college arm outside of their top 100.

-With their ninth round pick, #265 overall, the Texas Rangers selected Virginia Military Institute RHP Zak Kent:

Another college arm for the Rangers. Kent is a 6’ 3, 205 lbs right-handed junior who wasn’t ranked by MLB Pipeline, nor Fangraphs but, hey, he struck out 132 hitters in 97 innings spanning 15 appearances this year for VMI. His grandmother is probably from Texas or something.

-With their tenth round pick, #295 overall, the Texas Rangers selected West Texas A&M RHP Joe Corbett:

The Rangers rounded out their day two selections with yet another college arm and you’d better believe he’s coming from Texas. Corbett is a 6’ 5, 230 lbs right-handed senior from the Canyon, TX branch of the Texas A&M University System. Want to feel old? Corbett was born exactly one week after the Rangers were eliminated from their first ever playoff appearance in 1996.

Did you know that there was already an infamous Joe Corbett? Or that there has already been a baseball playing Joe Corbett? Needless to say, our new Joe Corbett is going to have to do a lot of work to get himself up in the Google search rankings for his own name.

This Joe Corbett wasn’t on MLB Pipeline’s top draft prospects rankings, nor Fangraphs’ big board, but he was named the Lone Star Conference Pitcher of the Year and he went 12-1 on the year with 136 Ks in 92 13 innings to just 21 walks.

With Day 2 of the draft in the books, the Rangers have all but signaled a shift in their draft philosophy even if they’ll admit it or not. In 11 picks, the Rangers selected nine players from a four year school and only two prep players. It’ll be interesting to see how this change in evaluation plays out over the next few years.

Day 3 of the MLB Draft begins tomorrow morning at 11:00 am local time with rounds 11-40.

Pick #1, (8th overall): Texas Tech third baseman Josh Jung

Pick #2, (41st overall): Baylor third baseman Davis Wendzel

Pick #3, (50th overall): UCLA RHP Ryan Garcia

Pick #4, (86th overall): New Mexico RHP Justin Slaten

Pick #5, (115th overall): Etiwanda HS infielder Cody Freeman

Pick #6, (145th overall): San Jose State outfielder Kellen Strahm