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The Hunter Freaking Pence All Star shirt is now available

Celebrate Hunter Pence making the All Star team with the Hunter Freaking Pence t-shirt

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Hunter Pence is a 2019 MLB All Star team starter for the American League, and to celebrate Pence and his phenomenal all star season for the Texas Rangers, Breaking T has come out with a Hunter Freaking Pence t-shirt.

I mean, anyone can get a Hunter Pence shirsey to wear to the ballpark. Have a “Hunter Freaking Pence” “Lone Star All Star” shirt, though, shows that you are a person of exquisite taste. Not just a Rangers fan...a Rangers connoisseur.

So order your Hunter Freaking Pence shirt today by clicking here, and celebrate the weirdest player being an All Star and a Texas Ranger in style.