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Thursday Morning Links


MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The question is asked over at 105.3 The Fan... what’s the magic number of games out of the playoff race at the trade deadline to hang the rummage sale sign?

Jeff Wilson says that “should Joey Gallo have been the All Star MVP” and “is the first-half of 2019 Joey Gallo the real Joey Gallo” are questions that share an answer.

Kenny Kelly thinks Hunter Pence is going to be making a playoff run, whether it’s with the Rangers or somebody else.

With the Rangers playing 13 of their remaining 18 games this month against against teams with winning records, we should know if this team is really a contender in plenty of time for the trade deadline.

T.R. Sullivan is calling the Rangers buyers, or at least holders, as of right now.