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Wednesday Morning Links


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Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Rangers don’t need to blow their entire allowance on Moon Pies and penny whistles.

Willie Calhoun was gobsmacked by the decision to send him back to AAA Nashville, saying that he’s done everything he’s been asked and there are lot of Rangers playing worse than he is.

Maybe he was right to be... the Rangers apparently considered optioning either Ronald Guzman or Nomar Mazara.

Jeff Wilson says Mazara, in particular, should be feeling the heat.

Evan Grant has his Ranger stock report as the trade deadline looms nearer.

Lance Lynn couldn’t extend his win streak beyond five games.

Levi Weaver wants to help you make sense of the Willie Calhoun demotion.

Jamey Newberg profiles Adrian Beltre, who came in at #10 in The Athletic DFW’s list of the 19 most impactful Rangers, Cowboys, Stars, and Mavericks in the franchises histories.