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50-46 - Rangers swept by Diamondbacks after 19-4 demolishing


MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Well, after the rumors this afternoon that selling is perhaps likely now in Arlington, and with Rangers players saying they weren’t happy with those thoughts, Texas didn’t exactly come out tonight and give anyone a reason to think the team should either stand pat or — heaven forbid — buy at the deadline.

Instead, the Diamondbacks scored seven runs before Texas even came to the plate, saw Rangers’ starter Jesse Chavez contribute 23 of an inning on 35 excruciating pitches, scored twelve more runs before the night was over, and swept the Rangers in this brief two-game set.

(sell sell sell sell)

Player of the Game: Danny Santana continues to be fun as he blasted a couple of dongs in the otherwise completely pointless three and a half hours.

Up Next: The Rangers mercifully have tomorrow off before heading down to Houston to face the Astros and try to hold onto their Silver Boot dreams beginning Friday. We’re currently scheduled to see a marquee matchup between Mike Minor and Justin Verlander in the opener. Assuming Minor is still a Ranger by then, that is...