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Thursday Morning Links


MLB: Houston Astros at Texas Rangers Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

David Schoenfield writes that the Rangers should trade for Brandon Belt, using as justification that while Belt is no longer an All Star he is also not Ronald Guzman.

Jeff Wilson tells us that Mazara should get the same opportunity to disappoint fans that Odor has been given, because Odor took that opportunity and ran with it.

Mike Minor is miffed at the rumors that he’s up for grabs, saying it feels like the Rangers signed him just to trade him and that he thinks the Rangers are contenders.

It’s not just the recent losses that have made Mike Minor a potential trade target.

The Rangers are mad that the rumor mill is hanging a fire sale sign on their dugout, with Chris Woodward saying it’s distracting but “theirs is not to reason why, theirs is but to do and die,” or, as kids these days say, “whatevs.”

Chris Woodward notes that certain types of left handed pitchers give this roster trouble, specifically mentioning power lefties, crafty lefties, and inanimate lefties sealed in carbonite, before conceding that by “certain types” he meant “all of them.”

Woodward also was able to pinpoint the source of the problems the team has been having lately, that being “all aspects of the game.”