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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Should they stay or should they go now?

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Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Good morning.

Jeff Wilson reacts to the Rangers’ 6-5 walk-off loss to the Oakland A’s on Sunday and the latest news with the trade deadline just around the corner.

Evan Grant writes that some peculiarities at the end of Sunday’s game could signal a busy trade deadline for the Rangers.

However, Wilson refuses to indulge in the conspiracy and notes that a few key players were dinged up yesterday which led to the questionable moves.

T.R. Sullivan writes that Jose Leclerc was given the opportunity to close out the game but struggled in this third appearance in three days.

Grant writes that Mike Minor is still grumpy about his services being bandied about via trade rumors though Minor has upgraded his demeanor from mad to annoyed.

Sullivan has more on Minor’s thoughts on the impending deadline with Minor also annoyed that his start could be bumped as much as ten days.

Wilson writes that Minor is happy to have a day off on Monday where he won’t have to talk about trade possibilities.

Ken Rosenthal has his latest update on the deadline period which hasn’t seen much activity just yet but picked up a little yesterday with the Marcus Stroman trade to the Mets.

And, finally, Levi Weaver notes that Scott Heineman has been playing first base in Nashville recently which has some certain implications.

Have a nice day!