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More Rangers draft picks sign

Three high school pitchers taken by Texas after the 10th round have signed

St Louis Cardinals v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

2019 MLB Draft: The Texas Rangers announced today that they have signed 6th round draft pick Cody Bradford, 11th round draft pick Nick Lockhart, 12th round draft pick Gavin Collyer, and 18th round draft pick Marc Church. Bradford, whose signing was reported earlier today by Jim Callis and was he subject of an earlier post, is a lefthanded pitcher from Baylor. The other three are righthanded high school pitchers.

Lockhart, out of Woodgrove High School in Virginia, is listed at 6’6”, 210 lbs. Collyer, listed at 6’1”, 150 lbs., is out of Mountain View High School in Georgia, and is described as athletic with a 93 mph fastball and good arm speed. Church, from North Atlanta High School, is listed at 6’3”, 190 lbs., and is a converted shortstop who has pitched just one season, but gets praise for his low-90s fastball and his curveball.

All three players likely are getting bonuses above $125,000 — any amount for a player taken after the 10th round in excess of $125,000 is applied against a team’s bonus pool. I suspect these signings couldn’t happen until Josh Jung and Davis Wendzel, who each signed for below slot, had their deals finalized, so the team would definitely know how much they had available to spend.

UPDATE — Per Stefan Stevenson, Lockhart got $400,000, Collyer got $585,000, and Church got $300,000. That’s a total of $910,000 that goes against the bonus pool, which I think eats of most of their excess. That should put an end to any hopes of signing 7th rounder Brandon Sproat.