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47-41 - Rangers have waterlogged waste of an evening in Minnesota, lose 15-6

If only it had just kept raining...

MLB: Texas Rangers at Minnesota Twins Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Hey look at that a Rangers-developed pitcher not with the Rangers anymore pitching well. The curse has been lifted off Martin Perez and tonight he shut down his old, pitching-foredoomed franchise through six innings before his old mates from Arlington finally got to him in the seventh. At that point, however, the score was already Rangers era-Perez proof at 9-0.

Also, the Twins smacked what seemed like 100 thousand or more extra base hits off a recently bedraggled Adrian Sampson. Include the fact that this one was already delayed over an hour due to rain at the start and you had yourself a pretty sloggy, unfun affair all around if you identify at all with the Texas Rangers.

Player of the Game: I honestly probably looked up at my television for like two total minutes during this game and in one of them Elvis Andrus hit a single and joked around with his longtime teammate Perez so I’m going to assume that’s the best thing that happened tonight.

Up Next: RHP Jesse Chavez will try to help the Rangers even this series while the Twins will counter with RHP Michael Pineda. Saturday’s first pitch from Target Field is scheduled for 1:10 pm CT.