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Texas Rangers Week 15 Recap: Last One Before the Break

The first half is over. Everyone take five.

Texas Rangers v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Season record: 48-42

Week 15 record: 2-4

Series record: 14-8, 7 splits

After going nine straight series before losing one to Tampa last weekend, the Rangers have now lost three in a row. The Rangers took just one game in each series this week against the Angels and the Twins.

Now going into the All-Star break, it’s becoming more of a make or break, crunch-time for the team. As I mentioned in an article a couple weeks ago, these series are becoming bigger and more important wit the trade deadline looming.

90 games into the season and Texas is no longer in a playoff spot, but is instead nine games back in the division and three games out of the wild card spot. It’s going to take more than a split in their four game series against the Astros to get back into contention.

This past week not having Hunter Pence’s bat in the lineup for an extended period of time seems to have revealed a weakness. There offense wasn’t as threatening as it had been. The Angels series had been a weird one for more important and bigger reasons than the offence not being present, and while the Twins are one of the top teams in the American League, the absence of Pence’s right-handed bat was notable.

Hopefully these next few days of rest will do some good and the Rangers can get back on track with a four game series at home against their in-state rivals.