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Notes from the Sally on Jung

John Calvagno from Notes from the Sally offers his observations on Josh Jung

Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox Photo by Brian D. Kersey/Getty Images

Josh Jung scouting report: Texas Rangers 2019 first round draft pick, third baseman Josh Jung, is the subject of a write-up by John Calvagno from Notes from the Sally. Calvagno was at last night’s Hickory Crawdads game, and has his thoughts from his look at Jung.

What is particularly noteworthy to me is Calvagno’s observation that Jung’s “current flat swing” limits his power potential, but an improvement in launch angle could allow him to tap more into his raw power. Improving launch angle is easier said than done — see, e.g., Nomar Mazara — but this is something I suspect the Rangers will work with him on, and something to keep an eye on next year. The questions about Jung’s potential as a pro largely centered around his power potential, and whether the power is there for him to be a quality corner infielder.

Jung has a .303/.369/.408 slash line in 84 plate appearances in 20 games for Hickory since moving up to full season ball. How he looks in instructionals and next spring will have an impact on where he starts the 2020 season, but it will almost certainly be either Down East or Frisco.