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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Where we laugh at contenders for not having Mike Minor

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Milwaukee Brewers Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

T.R. Sullivan writes about Mike Minor shoving on Sunday just in time to show teams in contention the big mistake they made.

Stefan Stevenson reacts to the win and Minor getting back into the groove in August after a rough July.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers should look to extend Minor’s contract now that he hasn’t been traded and he has shown that he can bounce back from struggles.

Levi Weaver looks into how Minor was able to turn things around and the story isn’t as simple as just “well, he doesn’t have to worry about being traded anymore.”

Stevenson writes that while Minor excelled, the Rangers offense continued to slump on this road trip.

Grant writes that the Rangers offense is looking downright September 2009 levels of miserable this month as they tied a record for offensive futility not seen since their inaugural season in 1972.

Sullivan notes that Pedro Payano will stay in the rotation for now but that Joe Palumbo is coming up soon.

Jamey Newberg writes that the lower level teams on the farm are winning thanks to stellar starting pitching as he looks at the wave of arms coming after this current crop.

And, finally, Will Leitch picks a position player from each team that should get an opportunity to pitch and yes, he picks Joey Gallo.

Have a nice day!