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Wednesday Morning Links


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MLB: Game Two-Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Palumbo left the first game of yesterday’s doubleheader with a blister and a bad case of “2 run Mike Trout homer.”

Brock Burke had a spiffy debut, shutting out the Angels through six and getting Leclerc’ed out of his first career league .

School’s starting for the next wave of young talent.

Levi Weaver says that Alex Burg is Crash Davis in the Bull Durham post credit sequence you never got to see.

Evan Grant wonders if the Rangers have too many left handed candidates for the 2020 rotation.

Joe Palumbo, looking at the bright side, notes that at least a blister isn’t a shoulder or elbow injury.

Nick Solak couldn’t have written himself a better MLB debut without including ice cream cake and loose women.

Chris Woodward believes the children are our future. Give it up for his band, ladies and gentlemen, Sexual Chocolate!

The Rangers have MLB’s top two pitchers by bWAR, a feat only achieved by 6 other teams.