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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Players’ Day Off

MLB: Texas Rangers at Chicago White Sox Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

T.R. Sullivan writes that rookie lefty Brock Burke was rock solid again for the Rangers despite a 2-0 loss to the Chicago White Sox in the Players’ Weekend finale.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers have been impressed by Burke’s poise and command in his first two turns in the rotation.

Sullivan spotlights the resurgence of reliever Rafael Montero who has been outstanding in a set up role for the Rangers in the second half.

Grant notes that the Rangers finally inked top international signee Bayron Lora after a finding enough loose change under the couch cushions.

Jeff Wilson writes about the Rangers coming to terms with Lora and their overall successful summer of acquiring talent.

And, finally, Will Leitch aimed to identify the most overlooked player on each team with Lance Lynn a guy for Texas who will likely get little Cy Young support despite pitching like the best starter in the American League by many metrics.

Have a nice day!