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Blaine Crim named Northwest League MVP

Spokane first baseman Blaine Crim has been named the Northwest League MVP

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Blaine Crim, the Spokane Indians first baseman, has been named the MVP of the Northwest League, it was announced today. Crim led the Northwest League in batting average, slugging, OPS and RBIs while slashing .343/.401/.547 in 50 games.

Crim is a 22 year old righthanded hitter who was a 2019 19th round pick as a senior out of Mississippi College. He is the second Spokane player in a row to be named Northwest League MVP, with Curtis Terry having won last season.

Spokane manager Kenny Hook was named the league’s manager of the year. Catcher David Garcia and pitcher Werner Leal were named, along with Crim, to the postseason All Star team.