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58-55 - One mistake dooms Jurado’s otherwise great day, Rangers fall 2-0

A seventh inning two run home run ends Rangers winning streak in game one

Texas Rangers v Cleveland Indians - Game One Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers and Cleveland Indians have played 18 innings of baseball now in this series and the teams have combined for a total of three runs. Unfortunately for Texas, the extra two runs after last night’s game came off the bat of Jose Ramirez in the seventh inning as Ariel Jurado was dealing.

Texas didn’t extend their winning streak but they have a chance to get the ball rolling on a new one with the second game of this doubleheader beginning in a few minutes.

Player of the Game: It still has yet to be seen if Jurado is a future member of a good rotation or not but today he looked like he could be that guy as he allowed just the two runs in seven innings on three hits while striking out five and walking a couple. The Rangers should have rewarded an outing like that with a win but they couldn’t do anything at the plate.

Up Next: More baseball today as Lance Lynn will pitch in the second game of this doubleheader for the Rangers. The Indians starter is still to be determined. First pitch in the second game will be in about 20-30 minutes from RIGHT NOW.