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Christian Yelich has fractured kneecap

Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich is done for the year due to a fractured kneecap

Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich suffered a fractured kneecap after fouling a ball off his leg today, the team announced. He will miss the rest of the season, including the playoffs.

This is a huge blow to the Brewers, who are two games back of the Chicago Cubs for the second Wild Card spot in the National League. Yelich, who was the 2018 National League MVP, was having another MVP caliber season, slashing .330/.430/.672 and leading the N.L. in OBP and the majors in slugging. Yelich was also just 6 home runs short of putting up a 50 HR/30 steal season.