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Thursday Morning Links


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MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Mac Engel wonders if the new ballpark will actually allow the Rangers to sign top free agents or if that was just a monorail pitch to the Arlington voters.

Ronald Guzman and Nomar Mazara have some advice for new Ranger prospect Bayron Lora: “work hard.”

The Rangers and Rays combined to use 15 pitchers last night and totaled 397 pitches.

Evan Grant asks if Josh Donaldson or Anthony Rendon could be the answer to the game of musical chairs the Ranges have been playing at third base.

Evan also tells us that Bayron Lora is a pretty big kid.

His mailbag column also touches on the third base conundrum.

The Rays didn’t help themselves last night by getting picked off four times.

Bayron Lora’s batting practice yesterday didn’t burn through any baseballs, as he managed to stay in the park. Home runs will come later, he says.

Saad Yousuf gives a run down of a typical day for Willie Calhoun.

Nick Solak and the other former Tampa Bay Rays currently on the Ranger roster had mixed emotions in battling their former teammates.