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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

There’s only two weeks left in the 2019 season

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Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers - Game Six Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Good morning. It’s a lean one today, folks.

T.R. Sullivan’s off day inbox is filled with answers to Rangers fans questions such as who Texas should target this offseason and if Adrian Beltre could convince Felix Hernandez to pitch in Arlington.

Evan Grant begins a ranking of the top 10 moments at The Ballpark in Arlington with No. 10: The 1995 All-Star Game.

Jeff Wilson takes a look at the youngsters up with the Rangers for a cup of coffee this September and their chances of sticking in 2020.

Grant offers a few ways the rebuilding Rangers can further innovate in their quest to return to contention.

And, lastly, but certainly not leastly, very serious Levi Weaver participated in a very serious race against very serious Rangers’ minor league pitcher Tim Dillard.

Have a nice day!