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Thursday Morning Links


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MLB: Boston Red Sox at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

You ever argued with a 12 year old about trying to get the last word, and they keep saying they’re not, but they keep getting the last word anyway? Well, I don’t know who the 12 year old is in this scenario but I probably can’t ground Alex Cora from his phone for the weekend.

Mike Minor acknowledges that he told Ronald Guzman to let the foul ball drop and Guzman acknowledges that there was a near stadium-wide consensus on the issue.

Minor also knows how to issue a Daubert challenge to “playing the right way” experts.

Well, however it happened, the Rangers have two 200 inning, 200 strikeout pitchers for the first time since Nolan Ryan and Bobby Witt.

Tim Cowlishaw will miss Globe Life Park because he’s some kind of masochist who vacations in the flames of satan’s butthole.

What to do with Willie Calhoun appears to be a settled question heading into the offseason.

Jamey Newberg takes a look at the Farmhands who had breakouts in 2019.

And Levi Weaver spins the tale of a struggling tattoo artist who inked Elvis Andrus and became a major league artist.