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77-84 - Rangers and Rougie give an emphatic goodbye to night games at The Ballpark

The Rangers beat the New York Yankees 9-4 under the lights for the final time at 1000 Ballpark Way

MLB: New York Yankees at Texas Rangers Shane Roper-USA TODAY Sports

For me, when I think about baseball being played at The Ballpark, it’s always a night game in Arlington in my mind. Game 162, and the final game ever to be played at The Ballpark, will be played tomorrow in the middle of the day as the baseball world crosses the finish line together to end the summer-long marathon.

That means, tonight, Game 161, was the final time the Rangers will ever play a night game at The Ballpark in Arlington, in its purest setting. With that in mind, through all of the reminiscencing and ceremony, the Rangers made sure to conclude their time at their home for the last 25 years with some well earned fireworks before they pick up and move across the street to their new air conditioned palace.

Facing the possible ignominy of finishing their final weekend with losses to the Yankees —traditionally the Ballpark era’s final boss — the Rangers put it on New York tonight scoring nine runs on nine hits while drawing an astounding eleven walks.

No matter what happens tomorrow in the finale, the Rangers won this one in the archetype for what it was like during The Ballpark era of Texas Rangers baseball to give us a send off for which we can be proud.

Player of the Game: Rougned Odor is a human baseball roller coaster and he’s also always had that flair for the dramatic. In the final night game in the history of the only major league park he’s ever called home, Odor went 2-for-4 with a walk, a double, a run scored, six RBIs, and a grand slam to add an exclamation mark to 25 years at our favorite building.

Up Next: The Rangers will send Lance Lynn to the mound to close out the baseball year, The Ballpark, and a fine season for himself personally against a pitcher the Yankees have yet to determine in their season finale. The final first pitch ever at The Ballpark is scheduled for 2:05 pm CT.