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2019 Texas Rangers farm review: AZL Rangers pitchers

Taking a look at the pitchers from the 2019 AZL Rangers squad

View from the overlook of the rock formation in the Valley... Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images

2019 Texas Rangers minor league review: The AZL Rangers pitchers.

As we mentioned yesterday, with the regular season over for the Texas Rangers’ minor league clubs, we are taking at look at the performance of each of the U.S.-based minor league teams. Yesterday, we did the hitters for the AZL Champion AZL Rangers, while today, we are doing the pitchers.

This is difficult to sort through, given the number of folks who took the mound for the rookie league team, including rehabbers and a couple of position players. In addition, there wasn’t the strong crop of talent on the mound for the rookie leaguers the way there was with the hitters. That being said, Destin Dotson, a big lefthander who was a high school draftee in 2018 who didn’t pitch until this season due to the de-load program, was impressive, while Damian Mendoza and Florencio Serrano were a pair of the Rangers’ J-2 signees from Mexico.