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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Just forget the rest of the winter and remember the Rangers acquired Corey Kluber!

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

The Rangers could have used a right-handed bat who could fill the cavernous hole at 1B but Nicholas Castellanos signed with the Reds yesterday. The Rangers could have used a center fielder who isn’t Danny Santana but the Pirates traded Starling Marte to the Diamondbacks yesterday. T.R. Sullivan looks at where the Rangers could turn to upgrade the offense now that they’ve whiffed on basically everything.

Evan Grant is perplexed by the winter for the Rangers where they spent much of the first few months improving the rotation but didn’t seem as aggressive as intended when it came to improving the lineup.

Sullivan notes that the headliner for this winter, Corey Kluber, is geared up and ready to put an injury-filled 2019 season behind him in his first year in Texas.

Hey, Richard Justice thinks the Rangers were a winner this offseason, at least!

And, finally, the worst news of the offseason dropped yesterday with the revelation that we’re going to have to hear Joe West talk next season.

Have a nice day!