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Texas Rangers Instructional League roster announced

The Rangers have released their Instructional League roster

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers Instructional League roster for 2020 has been announced, with 60 players on the list of those who will be in camp.

Included in the group are all five of the Rangers’ draft picks from 2020 — first rounder Justin Foscue, who also was part of the 60 man pool this summer and was at the Alternate Training Site, as well as Evan Carter, T.K. Roby, Dylan MacLean and Thomas Saggese.

2019 draftees who are on the roster include Josh Jung, Davis Wendzel, Justin Slaten, Cody Bradford, Cody Freeman, and Zak Kent. 2019 second rounder Ryan Garcia is not at Instructs, having undergone Tommy John surgery in March.

The roster also includes Owen White and Mason Englert, who were the team’s second and fourth round picks in 2018, and who both missed 2019 due to Tommy John surgery. They were both well regarded prior to surgery, and I’m looking forward to hearing the reports on them now that they are back in action.

Just skimming over the list, Bayron Lora and Maximo Acosta, the two big names from the team’s 2019 J-2 class, are on the roster. Heriberto Hernandez is on the roster, and listed as an outfielder, which seems to indicate that he isn’t going to be catching anymore. The expectation is that he was not going to stick behind the plate, so that isn’t a surprise.

Some of omissions that jump out at me include relievers Joe Barlow, Cole Uvila and Dylan Bice, starting pitcher A.J. Alexy, outfielders Pedro Gonzalez and Alexander Ovalles, and first baseman Tyreque Reed. In addition, Jake Latz, Yerry Rodriguez and Jason Bahr are not on the roster, though that may be because of the amount of time they spent at the Alternate Training Site.

You can see the full list in Levi Weaver’s tweet below: