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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Slam another, Tatis

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MLB: San Diego Padres at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

The Shed will host some playoff baseball for the first time in building history beginning tonight only it will be without the actual team that calls it home because the Rangers were the worst team in their league. If you want to play pretend, Jeff Wilson has a tale of the tape preview of the NLDS.

Evan Grant writes that the San Diego Padres are returning to the scene of the crime where they began a stretch that murdered the Rangers’ season.

Tim Brown writes about teams making their parks nice and cozy for their neutral October visitors, including the Los Angeles Dodgers taking over the home clubhouse in Arlington.

Over at The Athletic, Marc Carig and Andy McCullough aim to determine just how annoyed fans of teams not competing in these playoffs should be though I can’t imagine thinking the as recently as less than a calendar year ago World Champion Washington Nationals were more worthy of frustration than these 2020 Texas Rangers. The Rockies? Maybe. The Phillies? There’s a TV show still on the air that had an episode about them winning the World Series. At least the Mets’ ownership changed hands. No, other than Texas, the only more frustrating franchise in 2020 is easily the Mike Trout-wasting Angels.

And, finally, Jared Sandler talks about the 2B, 3B, and SS positions for the Rangers in 2020 and a look at how things could shake out in the infield in 2021.

Be well!