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Rangers extend Nadel for two more years

The Rangers will have Eric Nadel as their radio voice through 2022

Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers have signed radio voice Eric Nadel to a two year contract extension, per the beat guys. Nadel will do 127 games in 2021 and 117 games in 2022.

Nadel, who turns 70 next year, has been doing Rangers games since 1979, and it’s hard to imagine Ranger games on the radio without thinking of Eric Nadel. He’s been partnered with Matt Hicks in recent years, and Jared Sandler has taken on a bigger role in broadcasts, as well as filling in when needed when Eric or Matt are out.

In a lousy 2020, it’s nice to have some good news to report for a change.