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Friday Morning Rangers Links

Texas Rangers update for Friday, December 4

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MLB: Texas Rangers at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, LSB.

In case you missed it, the Rangers signed on 25-year-old free agent pitcher Joe Gatto yesterday.

Evan Grant says that for where the Rangers are right now, Gatto is the type of guy they should be signing.

Jeff Wilson seems a little more skeptical while noting that Gatto has never pitched above the AA level.

Levi Weaver has some words on Gatto as well, bringing some bullpen sesh video with him and taking a peek at what could be a fairly salty 2021 Rangers bullpen.

Elsewhere, TR Sullivan lists some of the best Rangers reunions.

Jim Bowden makes a hypothetical Winter Meetings move for every team. I will politely pass on his Rangers suggestion.

Ken Rosenthal writes about the messy, messy world of arbitration meetings after the covid-riddled 2020 season.

That’s all for this morning. Have a good day.