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Rangers major leaguers likely to return to Texas soon

With spring training suspended, Rangers players will have to decide where to go for the time being

Cleveland Indians v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Spring training has been suspended for Major League Baseball teams due to the Coronavirus crisis, which means players have to decide where to go in the interim. Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said this evening that major league players can go home, stay in Surprise, or go to the Metroplex, while minor leaguers can either go home or stay in Surprise.

While some teams’ players are making up their minds or are already scattering, others appear to have opted to stay together. The New York Yankees, for example, have decided to stay together in Tampa and work out for the time being. The Rangers players are reportedly leaning towards staying in Surprise until March 21, when camp was originally scheduled to break, and then returning to Texas together.

Daniels said this evening no players have been tested for COVID-19, and none have shown symptoms. This is in the aftermath of the news that an Arizona Diamondback minor leaguers tested positive today.