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MLB to delay season at least into May

MLB announced that, in accordance with the CDC’s recommendations, Opening Day will be pushed back at least 8 weeks

Houston Astros v Texas Rangers Photo by John Williamson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

MLB has announced that, in light of the CDC’s recommendation that events with 50 or more people not be held for at least the next eight weeks, the MLB season will not start until at least that time period. MLB had previously said that the start of the season would be delayed by two weeks due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis.

The idea that MLB would miss just two weeks never seemed to be realistic, and even starting in May would seem unlikely at this point. Given that teams will need time to get ready and have a (very abbreviated) spring training prior to official games starting, the season almost certainly wouldn’t be able to start until June, and it may be that we are looking at sometime in July before the season cranks up (if it does).

In addition, MLB and the MLBPA have announced they are making a joint donation of $1 million, evenly divided between Feeding America and Meals on Wheels America, to help feed people impacted by school closures and quarantines.