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Saturday Morning Rangers Links

Rangers update for March 28

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Portrait of Fergie Jenkins

Good morning, LSB.

Yesterday the MLB and the MLBPA finalized terms addressing a myriad of corona-related issues for the 2020 season, including, among other things, service time, lost salaries, the draft, and 2021 free agency.

It was originally reported that the season would not begin “until there were no bans on mass gatherings that limit the ability to play in front of fans,” but the PA has since pumped the brakes on that.

Evan Grant looks for some silver linings in a pandemic-shortened season. Among them is the MLB and the PA agreeing on something for once.

Grant also has a scouting report on Rangers’ catching prospect David Garcia.

I made fun of it yesterday but then I went and got sucked into the 2020 Strat-O-Matic simulation. The Rangers beat the Mariners again yesterday to move to 2-0.

Up at the FWST someone flew a drone over the new park.

Keith Law plays “Ramifications” with the results of the new corona agreement and what it means for the draft.

Have a good weekend. Go Strat-O-Matic Rangers.