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Chris Sale getting MRI on his elbow

Chris Sale is having an MRI on his left elbow

Atlanta Braves v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Boston Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale has discomfort in his left elbow, per reports. He is getting an MRI and will be going to see Dr. James Andrews,

This is bad, if not terribly surprising, news. Sale had elbow issues that shut him down in August, and he met with Dr. Andrews, who prescribed platelet-rich plasma injections. Sale rehabbed his elbow, though he was slowed at the start of spring training due to his recovering from the flu and pneumonia.

Sale’s uncertainty was, I suspect, a factor in the Boston Red Sox moving Mookie Betts this offseason. With Betts and David Price, the BoSox lacked starting pitching depth, and were not well positioned to deal with a potential loss of Sale. Skepticism of the ability of Sale and Nathan Eovaldi to stay healthy would make one much more bearish on Boston’s chances, and make a Betts deal more attractive.