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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The photo shown here is a poor example of social distancing

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MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Good morning. Were it not for the strange times we currently find ourselves in, the Rangers would be debuting their new stadium tonight.

Instead, T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers and The Field are all dressed up with no baseball games to play as they await the return of baseball.

Jared Sandler ponders what the long-term effects could be if Major League Baseball is forced to play a shortened season.

There’s no real baseball but The Athletic’s Mike Piellucci is simming the season anyway and the Faux-Rangers had a rough first series in Cyber-Seattle.

The offseason has stretched on for a lot longer than anticipated which has given Jeff Todd of MLB Trade Rumors plenty of time to review how the Rangers did over the winter.

Jeff Wilson writes that Elvis Andrus has had more on his plate during this time away as he is a member of the MLB Players Association executive committee.

For now though, as Evan Grant notes, Elvis and the Rangers have to play the waiting game even though their home opener — and indeed the opener of the new park — had been set for this very day.

Sullivan offered up a hot take to keep us warm without baseball by naming Will Clark the best first baseman in franchise history.

Grant lists shortstop prospect Osleivis Basabe as the 15th best prospect on the Rangers’ farm.

And, finally, Eric Nadel is your baseball grandpa and he talks to you about Nolan Ryan’s 5,000th strikeout.

Be well!