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Friday Morning Rangers Links

Rangers update for Friday, April 10

Texas Rangers v Baltimore Orioles
Shin-Soo Social Distance
Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

Good morning, LSB.

Evan Grant has a scouting report on Rangersseventh-ranked prospect Sherten Apostel.

TR Sullivan has a story on spring training invitee Blake Swihart and it might have you rooting for him as a guy who could make the back end of the Rangers’ 26-man roster. If we ever play baseball again, that is.

Sullivan also predicts which number the Rangers will retire next.

Craig Calcaterra asks if there’s anything in baseball you don’t give a rip about. For me it’s pre-2008 steroid usage by any player who didn’t lie about their usage in an interview with Katie Couric.

On YouTube, Jomboy broke down the classic 2016 Rangers/Blue Jays brawl (NSFW language whether your work is work or your home office with your small children around). Jomboy unfortunately failed to mention any of Sam Dyson’s heroics.

That’s it. Happy Friday.