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Fangraphs top 52 Texas Rangers prospect list out

Over at Fangraphs, Eric Longenhagen ranks the top 52 prospects in the Rangers’ system

Texas Rangers v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers’ top prospect list is out at Fangraphs today, with Eric Longenhagen ranking the top 52 prospects in the Ranger system.

With Kiley McDaniel having left Fangraphs, Longenhagen is now doing the prospect rankings on his own, and his Rangers list is somewhat idiosyncratic at the top, with Yerry Rodriguez being the #1 prospect in the system and Heriberto Hernandez being #3. Both of those players are fairly well-regarded, but I don’t think most folks have them in the top 5 of the Ranger system.

The takeaway from this list is something that we’ve heard before...a lot of depth but not a ton of current real high-end talent. There are players in the system who could make a big leap up, but the strength is in numbers right now.