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Saturday Morning Rangers Stuff

Texas Rangers update for Saturday, April 18

Rangers practice for ALCS Game 6 Photo by Max Faulkner/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Good morning, LSB.

On the Dallas Morning News this morning is the second episode of ‘Meat With The Press,’ where Evan Grant sits down with a Ranger to eat barbecue and get introspective. In this episode Grant chats with Elvis Andrus, and one of the first things they talk about is how crazy it is (or would be) that Elvis is starting his 12th season of Major League baseball. Which it is. The episode could use a little less Torii Hunter but is otherwise a great watch if you’ve got 15 minutes to kill. Which you do, on a Saturday morning during a global pandemic.

Grant also has the conclusion of his Rangers farm reports with a write-up on the number-one ranked prospect, Josh Jung.

Jeff Wilson writes that some Ranger players have been given the green (maybe yellow) light to work out and participate in baseball activities in the new ballpark, assuming they adhere to strict health and safety protocols. Somehow I knew Joey Gallo would be one of the players taking advantage. has a binge-watching recommendation from every team.

Think that’s all that’s going on this morning. Have a good weekend.