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Heyman: July 1 “good estimate” for MLB start date

Jon Heyman says that MLB could start their season on July 1

MLB: SEP 21 Angels at Rangers Photo by Matthew Pearce\Icon Sportswire

MLB Rumors: The 2020 season, delayed by Coronavirus/COVID-19, could begin for major league teams on July 1, according to Jon Heyman, who says that, while there is no “official target date” for the season to start, that “is a good estimate for the goal.” Heyman says that the preference is to play in lots of MLB cities, rather than going with the Arizona or three city plans that have been talked about in the media.

July 1 is just over two months away, and having regular season baseball starting up then, even with no fans in the stands, seems awfully optimistic. Still, there appears to be a clear desire by everyone to try to have a season, and play as much of a season as possible, even if means extending the season into October and having playoffs in November.

A July 1 start date would probably mean “spring” training resuming in early June. As has been discussed, there would need to be the ability to regularly administer tests to players, coaches, and others around the team, probably on at least a weekly basis, as well as deal with the travel logistics. All that seems like a pretty formidable challenge.

Still, there seems to be a will to do its just seeing if there’s a way...