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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

19,526,400 seconds since baseball

Texas Rangers v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Good morning.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers were one of five teams, of the 26 tested, that didn’t return any positive results for coronavirus antibodies in a study conducted by Stanford University.

Jeff Wilson writes about the lofty hurdles in MLB’s plans to restart the 2020 season that need to be jumped over for everyone to get on the same page and play baseball.

Besides safety and logistics, money will be a big factor in getting baseball back on the field, and especially so, as Fangraphs’ Craig Edwards writes, with ownership already going on the offensive and reneging on a deal despite years and years of record revenue.

Grant notes that, should things get ironed out, the Rangers look like a team that gets particularly boned by the structure of the intended divisions and travel under MLB’s proposal.

Unlike center field, shortstop, and starting pitching, the Rangers have lived a pretty charmed existence as far as right field goes as T.R. Sullivan ranks the five best RFs in franchise history.

Remember Handsome Hanser Alberto? Connor Byrne of MLB Trade Rumors writes about how the former Rangers glove-first utility infielder has carved out a nice role in Baltimore.

Andrew Simon writes about the one that got away for each team with Edwin Encarnacion noted for the Rangers without even mentioning that he was the throw-in along with all-universe prospect Ruben Mateo to acquire Rob Bell for reasons that are still baffling to this day.

And, lastly, Sullivan notes that it’s 2011 Rangers playoffs rerun week on Fox Sports Southwest.

Be well!