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Wednesday Morning Links


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MLB: Kansas City Royals at Minnesota Twins Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Levi Weaver continues his look at the “top ten seasons” with relief pitchers, penning a lengthy love letter to his number one... 1979’s performance of Jim Kern.

If the bizarro COVID-addled 2020 season is to start in July, Spring 2.0 must start by June 10 which means the negotiations over what the players will get paid need to get past the “harumph” and “balderdash” stage.

That’s about all I’m finding out there.

On another note, I went to dinner at my in-law’s house on Thursday night and am now on self-quarantine after two of my in-laws tested positive and my wife started nursing an ominous cough and fever. For all the talk of social distancing, players sitting six feet apart in the stands, isolating in hotel rooms and not showering in the clubhouse, I’m not sure how the league expects to cobble together a season when one casual contact can knock out several pieces of a roster.