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Latest mock draft from BA out

The Rangers are projected to go with a college bat in the latest Baseball America draft

Washington v UCLA Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

2020 mock draft: Baseball America has a new mock draft out today, and the Texas Rangers are projected to take UCLA outfielder Garrett Mitchell with their pick at #14.

While Garrett Crochet, the University of Tennessee lefthander, has been previously mocked to the Rangers, this is the first time Garrett Mitchell has been, as far as I know. Mitchell is currently #6 on the Baseball America top 500 draft prospect board, so getting him at #14 would be a coup if you buy the BA rankings.

Mitchell is a tools guy, a tremendous athlete with 80 grade speed and tremendous raw power, but who has struggled to translate his power into game action. He also has Type 1 diabetes, which results in him being dropped on boards, and is relatively old for a college junior, as he turns 22 in September.

Mitchell would be an intriguing pick, a guy whose ceiling is as high as anyone in the draft, but who has some serious question marks surrounding him. I expect there would be a lot of people here who would love the pick, and a lot of people who would hate it, should he be the guy at #14.